Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Urban Farm

Greg Peterson runs his Urban Farm in 
Phoenix, AZ.  It is also his home.  His Saturday tours are fabulous and affordable.

The front yard.




Peach tree.

Vegetables in the front yard.

Yard decorations.

Peach tree trunk.


Loofah vine that they call "a volunteer" because its original seeds must have shown up in the irrigation water.

Dried loofah.

Peach tree leaves.

Chicken coup.

The chickens.

Couldn't figure out the purpose of this lot.

Grape vine in the back yard.

Back yard fence,

Herbs in a pot.

A quat tree.

The front yard.

He had about 50 people on this tour.

It was a fantastic experience. It was a cool, delightful morning and I left inspired.

Will be ordering an orange tree for my yard.

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